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Bitumen Pressure Distributors

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We manufacturer our Bitumen Pressure Distributor with excellent quality raw material sourced from reliable vendors. We have designed this equipment according to the latest technology available to- date. This quality tested machine is user-friendly, offers excellent performance, operates at a very good speed in an energy efficient way. These robustly made machines are safe as well as long-lasting. This machine functions accurately, consistently with minimum wastage of liquid asphalt. We are the leading Bitumen Pressure Distributor exporter of India .

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  • Entirely insulated tank with excellent heating system
  • Air cooled diesel engine as well as positive displacement gear pump
  • The Design is perfect for standard truck chassis
  • Safe and effortless operation
  • Hand spray system
  • Matchless pressure cleaning system
  • Quality tested



  • Standard width: 2.4 m
  • Variable extension bar for spraying width up to 4.2 m
  • Nozzle distance: 225 mm Nozzle c/c
  • Pneumatic operated nozzles for spray bar controlling


  • 2” x 2”, 350 rpm, positive displacement gear pump.


  • Twin cylindered, 3 hp, 360 rpm capacity with working pressure of 9 kg/cm2


  • Powered by 18.5 k watt air cooled diesel engine


  • 0 – 6 kg/cm2, pressurized bitumen spraying.


  • 0 – 3000 C analog scale located on the tank.
  • Digital temperature indicator on remote box

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Tank Details TMB-3000 TMB-4000 TMB-6000 TMB-7000
Length-L 2100 mm 2400 mm 3000 mm 3300 mm
Width-W 1800 mm 1800 mm 1860 mm 1860 mm
Height-H 1500 mm 1500 mm 1810 mm 1810 mm
Capacity 3000 liters 4000 liters 6000 liters 7000 liters
Manhole 600 mm 600 mm 600 mm-2 nos. 600 mm-2 nos.
Insulation 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Shape Rectangular oval shape Rectangular oval shape Rectangular oval shape Rectangular oval shape
Type Compressed air type Compressed air type Compressed air type Compressed air type
Burner Fuel Tank 50 liters 50 liters 50 liters 50 liters
Engine Fuel Tank 20 liters 20 liters 20 liters 20 liters
Service Tank 20 liters 20 liters 20 liters 20 liters
Recommended Chassis
Wheel Base-WE 3760 mm 3760 mm 4470 mm 4470 mm
Clear Chassis Length – CL 4550 mm 4850 mm 5450 mm 5750 mm