Construction equipment leasing involves leasing of machine and equipments for various projects. This is useful for construction equipments all the time of projects. This reduces cost and provides a safety net for the buyers and this make it a lucrative offering for those in the business of leasing the construction equipments. We are leading manufacturer of road construction equipments in Pokhara such as hydraulic road sweeping machine, Mobile Drum mixing plant, Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant and Road Broomer machine, Road Marking Machine.

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Road Construction machine is mainly used structural building sites, roadway creation and other civil engineering projects, such as sewer and pipeline projects, utilize earth-moving and excavation equipment. Excavating both earth and rock with heavy equipments and explosive blasting is important for the removal of natural obstacles from building sites.

Explosive and heavy machines overcome the rough terrain of any building site and allow for the creation of our modern hieghways, rail lines and tunnels.