Our Mobile Drum Mix Plant is precisely manufactured under the supervision of professional experts of this domain. We offer latest technology based manufactured machine modeled with specifications as per the requirements of our clients. Quality, reliability, excellent performance, durability at a reasonable price is our specialty. We are India’s chief Mobile Drum Mix Plant Manufacturer. We as the chiefMobile Drum Mix Plant Exporter, export them to the nations such as Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Kenya and South Africa.

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Model MDM – 25 MDM – 45 MDM – 50 MDM – 50 MDM – 100
Capacity 25 – 30 TPH 40 – 60 TPH 60 – 90 TPH 90 – 120 TPH 120 – 150 TPH
  • Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant is manufactured according to the latest technology and is available at a reasonable price.
  • The Portable units include Trailor Mounted/ Tractor Mounted and are trouble-free to move from one Job site to another site and the plant can be swiftly set-up for operation at a new site in a matter of few hours.
  • Absolutely accomplish the tasks of contractors managing small projects such as village road, parking lots and PMGSY Works. It is also is appropriate for secondary roads, mostly in the rural areas.
  • Cranes are not essential for setting up as the Plant is self-sufficient with cables to interconnect the units. These cables can be quickly plugged into receptacles of the different units.
  • The output of Plant is up to 150 tons of hot mix asphalt product per hour.


  • Trouble-free Operation
  • Least Maintenance needed
  • Designed according to the International Market trend.
  • Perfect Drying and Homogeneous Mixing of Aggregate available.
  • Modular Design for Compartmentalized Transportation.
  • Perfect Asphalt Coating Fuel Consumption is very low
  • Low Dust discharge
  • absolutely pre-wired
  • No Civil Work is mandatory

Mobility System for Mobile Drum Mix Plant:

  • All Units are well mounted in chassis entirely with Axles, Wheel Hubs and Tow Bar
  • Pre-wired with cables, socket, plugs, junction box to inter-connect the units


The hoppers have slopes for continual discharge or dust. The hoppers are fixed with vibratory motor to let a free flow of the discharge. Each Hopper has a flexible opening door that chooses the discharge quantity for the materials capacity in the outlet as per the specific weight of materials.

The total capacity can be amplified or reduced without changing the current setting in the master control.


The vibratory screen is fixed at the end of cold aggregate feeder eliminates outsized materials.


Slinger Conveyor feeds the cold aggregate into the Dryer Drum. The slinger (cold) conveyor is mounted with an incessant electronic belt weighing system for weighing the flow of aggregates in tons per hour. It is synchronized with a computer to ensure precise weighing of bitumen and filler.


The 40 – 150 TPH plants are provided with cradie type drum drive. It needs very low maintenance. The auto lubrication system lubricates the chain drive properly & sufficiently to have a smooth functioning. An optional four wheel friction drive, which is a standard on the 150 TPH and higher models is also available. It has specially treated sprockets, thrust wheels, trunnion rings and trunnion rollers that are engineered with accuracy for perfect and trouble-free dryer drum rotation to guarantee unimpeded productivity.


Our thermo drum is produced with the help of persistent R & D and latest technology. This unit has a triple heat transfer system for full transfer of heat to the aggregates with the aid of conduction, convection as well as radiation techniques. The elite flight design ensured total heat transfer, thorough mixing & coating, lesser emissions in addition to prevention of bitumen oxidation.


Thermo-Drum Burner the most important part of the whole system has high performance, trouble-free serviceability and many other important features.

  • Two stage High & low
  • Capacity to minimize the moisture up to 0.5% and attain 180 Deg. Celsius for aggregate.
  • Can utilize LDO / FO / Diesel as fuel.
  • Nozzle cleaning is feasible while operation.
  • Operation is absolutely automatic


The double walled tank is entirely insulated and set with distinct high-pressure electronic burner for heating the Asphalt. The control unit measures and sprays the essential quantity of bitumen at precise temperature. The positive displacement jacketed Asphalt pump coupled with reduction gearbox and variable speed motor is offered with hot oil circulating system.

Each and every pipeline transporting Asphalt is hot oil jacketed and is entirely insulated with asbestos tape.

  • External insulation is provided with ceramic wool and is enclosed with an appropriate thick sheet.
  • A tested tube case for diathermic oil circulation.
  • Thermic dust, manhole, lifting hooks, breather pipe are given
  • Electronic high-pressure as well as jet burner
  • Heavy duty jacketed Asphalt pump


An extensive range of filler storage and feeding solutions are customized as per the requirements of our customers. A computerized synchronized metering system with speed adju stment facility assures correct proportion of mixing.


The automatic Hydraulic surge storage hopper assist in transferring the hot material mixture from mixture drum, brought by an inclined hot conveyer belt, into the Truck. Anti-segregation gob hopper with high temperature conveyor is employed for discharging the mixture into waiting dumpers / trucks. The Hopper has a hydraulic cylinder as well as hinged doors for its opening and closing. A hydraulic power pack eases the operation of the hopper, along with the hosepipe connections mounted separately.



This plant has a centralized control panel and Insulated & air conditioned Control Cabin that has a Micro Controller Based Control Panel with suitable Software to control the whole plant. All controls are offered in the control panel which incorporates the motor control center circuit breakers. The control panel has automatic burner controls, Aggregate and Asphalt Blending Controls, Motor controls, Feeder Bin Controls and Electric Switchgear. The factors like temperature of bitumen-hot mixture, exhaust gases and aggregate weight, asphalt percentage, hot mix material weight etc. are displayed on the control panel. It is equipped with safety features like Single Phasing, Overload, fuses, Sequence Interlock etc. Load wise data can be printed with the printer in the panel.


WATER TYPE – Wet Dust Collectors

It is a highly competent wet dust collector. It maintains the critical environmental standards in the required areas. The incredible turbulence type venture design aids in trapping and keeping the dust laden exhaust gas perfectly. A Large stainless steel spray nozzles provide clog free operation as well as takes care of least water make-up requirements. The alterable venture throat allows fine tuning to obtain the best cleaning as per the specific plant operating requirements.

BAG HOUSE TYPE – Wet Dust Collectors

Bag house type dust collector is well treated with Meta aramid filter elements designed exclusively for asphalt usage. This no maintenance design causes emissions less than 50 mg/Nm3; perfect to match the International pollution control norms.

MODEL MDM – 45 MDM – 50 MDM – 60 MDM – 100
CAPACITY (40 – 60 TPH) (60 – 90 TPH) (90 – 120 TPH) (120 – 150 TPH)
Mobile Cold Aggregate Bin Feeder Unit
No. of Bins 4 4 4 4
Total Storage Capacity (Heaped Form) 100 Tones 120 Tones 150 Tones 200 Tones
Auxiliary Drive Motor 1.5 k watt 1.5 k watt 2.2 k watt 2.2 k watt
Auxiliary Conveyor Belt Size 450 mm width * 3 ply 450 mm width * 3 ply 450 mm width * 3 ply 450 mm width * 3 ply
Gathering Conveyor Drive Motor 3.7 k watt 3.7 k watt 5.5 k watt 5.5 k watt
Gathering Conveyor Belt Size 600 mm width * 3 ply 600 mm width * 3 ply 600 mm width * 3 ply 600 mm width * 3 ply
Bin Vibrator 0.75 k watt .75 k watt 0.75 k watt 0.75 k watt
Vibratory Screen
Drive Motor 0.75 k watt 0.75 k watt 0.75 k watt 0.75 k watt
Wire Mesh 900 mm * 1300 mm 900 mm * 1300 mm 900 mm * 1300 mm 900 mm * 1300 mm
Screening Area 45 mm * 45 mm 45 mm * 45 mm 45 mm * 45 mm 45 mm * 45 mm
Slinger Conveyor
Conveyor Drive Motor 3.7 k watt 3.7 k watt 5.5 k watt 5.5 k watt
Conveyor Belt Size 500 mm width * 3 ply 500 mm width * 3 ply 600 mm width * 3 ply 600 mm width * 3 ply
Mobile Thermo Drum Unit
Dryer – Diameter 1200 mm 1500 mm 1800 mm 1800 mm
Dryer – Length 6250 mm 6750 mm 7000 mm 8000 mm
Glass wool Insulation 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Drive Type Cradle Type Chain Drive Cradle Type Chain Drive Cradle Type Chain Drive 4 WD Friction Drive
Drive Motor 15 k watt 18.5 k watt 30 k watt 45 k watt
Exhauster 15 k watt 18.5 k watt 30 k watt 45 k watt
Multi Clone Primary Dust Collector
No. of Cons 10 15 21 21
Dust Screw Drive Motors 0.75 k watt 0.75 k watt 1.5 k watt 1. 5 k watt
Dryer Burner
Burner Capacity 350 LPH 550 LPH 750 LPH 1100 LPH
High Pressure Burner Type Fully Automatic Dual Stage Fully Automatic Dual Stage Fully Automatic Dual Stage Fully Automatic Dual Stage
Fuel Type Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel
Blower Motor 3.7 k watt 5.5 k watt 11 k watt 15 k watt
Burner Pumping Station Motor 1.1 k watt 2.2 k watt 5.5 k watt 5.5 k watt
Mobile Bitumen Tank ( U – Shape & Completely Insulated )
Tank Capacity 15 Tons 20 Tons 20 Tons – 2 Nos. 25 Tons – 2 Nos.
Bitumen Drive Motor 3.7 k watt 3.7 k watt 5.5 k watt 5.5 k watt
Heating System Direct Heating Direct Heating Direct Heating Direct Heating
Fuel Storage Tank
Tank Capacity 3000 Liters 3000 Liters 5000 Liters 8000 Liters
Load Out Conveyor
Conveyor Drive Motor 3.7 k watt 3.7 k watt 5.5 k watt 5.5 k watt
Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt HR 600 mm width * 3 ply HR 600 mm width * 3 ply HR 600 mm width * 3 ply HR 600 mm width * 3 ply
Hopper Capacity 1.0 Ton 1.0 Ton 1.5 Ton 2.0 Ton
Hydraulic Power Pack Motor 2.2 k watt 2.2 k watt 3.7 k watt 3.7 k watt
Mineral Filler Unit
Drive Motor 0.75 k watt 0.75 k watt 0.75 k watt 0.75 k watt
Drive Gear Box Heavy Duty Worm Gear Heavy Duty Worm Gear Heavy Duty Worm Gear Heavy Duty Worm Gear
Rotary Valve 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm
Hopper Capacity 1.0 Ton 1.0 Ton 1.0 Ton 1.0 Ton
Air Compressor 5.5 k watt 5.5 k watt 5.5 k watt 5.5 k watt
Recommended Gen Set 100 KVA 125 KVA 182 KVA 250 KVA
Open Land Requirement 35 Miters * 35 Miters 40 Miters * 40 Miters 45 Miters * 45 Miters 50 Miters * 50 Miters
Pollution Control Unit (Optional) Type Dust
Wet Dust Type Collector Extreme Turbulence Venture Less than 150 mg/m3
Bag House Type Filter Reverse Air Flow Type Less than 50mg/m3

Capacity offered is over 150 TPH on request.

Accessories mentioned are optional however are available as a part of standard supply.