Road Equipment in Oman

Leading road sweeping machine manufacturer and supplier in Oman

Vinayak Construction Equipments is a leading road equipment manufacturer, and we are also suppliers and exporters in Oman. We export road equipment products the Oman cities such as Ibra, As Sib, Al Buraimi, Al Hamra, Bahla, Al Madina A’Zarqa, Al Suwaiq, Al Jazer, Barka, Bidiya, Dibba Al-Baya, Duqm, Haima, Bidbid, and Puli Adam, etc. We are a pioneer in making high-quality road equipment using high-grade raw materials and the latest technology.

We are a supplier and exporter of different types of road construction equipment such as road marking machines, Manual Thermoplastic road marking machines,  Thermoplastic road marking machines, Semi Automatic Road Marking machines, Road Sweeping machines, and Road Broomer machines. Road Equipment products are imported by cities of Oman like Mudhaybi, Izki, Jabrin, Jalan Bani Bu Hassan, Khasab, Mad’ha, Manah, Masirah, Matrah, Mahooth, and. Ibri. We obtain the high grade of road equipment from our trustworthy suppliers, exporter at a responsible cost in the domestic as well as international market.

Road equipment best price in Oman - Road Construction Equipment Exporter in Oman
Road Construction
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